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  The School of Mechanical Engineering (School of Urban Rail Transportation) is empowered to grant master degree in Mechanical Engineering grade-1 subject, Chemical Process Machinery grade-2 subject and the engineering master’s in the field of Power Engineering. Also, the school has 6 majors for full-time undergraduates including Process Equipment & Control Engineering, Automation of Mechanical Design & Manufacture, Material Forming & Control Engineering, Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Automation and Rail Transit Signal and Control.

  Of these branches ,the discipline of Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics is the key built one of Jiangsu Province’s Twelfth Five-year Plan;The discipline of Chemical Process Machinery was awarded as a key discipline by Jiangsu Province and SINOPEC ;the major of Process Equipment & Control Engineering is both Jiangsu’s and national characteristic professionalism.

  In the aspect of manning, There are 102 faculty and staff members in the school, including 71 full-time teachers of which 3 are PhD supervisor,20 are professors,27 are associate senior professionals and 93% are masers or above. In addition ,there is 1member of Millions of Talents Projects in the New Century,1 member selected as “the Excellent Talents of the New Century” by the Ministry of Education, 1 expert that can enjoy the special allowances of the State Council,1 member of Advisory Committee of the Ministry of Education for the Subject Teaching of Process Equipment & Control Engineering. Apart from that, there is still 1 young Expert who has made special Contribution for Jiangsu,2 selected as the candidate of “the Six Excellent Talents” of Jiangsu,1 member of Advisory Committee of Jiangsu for the Mechanical Subject Teaching of High School,4 junior and senior Science and technology leaders of The 333 Training Project of Advanced Talents.     Otherwise, the school owns some research centers or institutes, including the Mechanical Technology Basic Experiment Teaching Demonstration Center of Jiangsu Province, Demonstration Center for Comprehensive Training of Chemical Process Machinery Subject of Jiangsu Province, Research Center for Oil and Gas Wellhead Equipment Engineering Technology of Jiangsu Province, Research Center for the Engineering Technology of Large Heavy Gear Transmission of Jiangsu province, Research Center for the Manufacturing Engineering of Chain Transmission of Jiangsu province, Key Laboratory for the New Technology of Petroleum and Petrochemical Equipment of Changzhou, University-level Engineering Center of Chemical Process Machinery, Chemical Equipment Design Institute(that has the design qualification of Class III pressure vessel) ,Process Equipment Institute, Separation Engineering Institute, Institute of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, Institute of Material Forming and others.

  In the meantime, the college has many large precision instruments including modern machining centers, 3D-LDV laser speed measurement system, Shimadzu fatigue testing machine, Mastersizer 2000,Spraytec laser particle size analyzer, Lab VIEW/CVI and others and the large-scale finite element calculation software such as ANSYS, FLUENT, CAESAR II and so on .

   Paying attention to scientific research development and the cultivation of the young talent, the school, within the past five years, had been awarded 1 second prize of the State Technological Invention,1 second prize of the National Scientific and Technological Progress Award,2 first and 10 second prizes of the provincial and ministerial scientific and technological progress award; undertaken 13 state-level scientific research projects such as the 973,the 863,and the major projects of national natural science fund ,more than 40 provincial scientific research projects, and authorized 78 invention patents ; meanwhile, the school laid lots of emphasis on the cooperation with enterprises. In recent years, the school had signed enterprises industry-university-institute cooperation agreement with more than 30 firms and completed more than 160 scientific research cooperation projects for them. With these work, the annual research budget came to around 12 million.

   Currently, the field in which the college has carried out researches and achieved remarkable results incorporates micro machine design, the theory and methods of parallel robot topological structure design, the fault diagnosis and reliability analysis of petroleum and petrochemical equipment, multiphase flow and mechanical separation purification technology, powder engineering and its technology, complete outfit development for polymer material forming, industrial robot, servo control system, the stable system of inertial navigation, the innovative research and development of gear pump, the heat transfer enhancement and energy saving of process, the safety and life extension technology of process equipment, the reliability and integrity of the process equipment structure, the safety discharge technology against overpressure of pressure equipment, rail transportation and dedicated engineering machinery development and so on, of which some research fields are in the international advanced or national leading level.

  “Located in Jiangsu,serving the petroleum and petrochemical industry, cultivating higher engineering and technical talents with excellent quality, comprehensive development and competitiveness, and actively meeting the demand of regional economic and industrial development.” School of mechanical engineering regards this as the guiding ideology of running.Scrupulously abiding by the university motto of "Responsible"and the school’s of "Stick to righteousness,Master the reasons Renew daily",fulfilling the spirit of taking responsibility bravely and pursuing excellence of Changzhou University, the school is making great efforts to promote the college’s development soundly and rapidly.