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Material forming and control engineering


(1)Professional introduction

Training goal

This professional development with the basic theory and professional knowledge of material forming and control engineering wide, can make, engaged in a variety of materials with high polymer materials processing, organization structure and properties of polymer materials, with processing, development and application of plastic injection, extrusion die design ability, grasp the rapid prototyping of advanced mold manufacturing technology, can be engaged in materials science and engineering and interdisciplinary field of scientific research and teaching, technology development, industrial and technological transformation and equipment design, management and other aspects of the work, the development of socialist market economy, and to have the innovation consciousness of high-quality scientific research and engineering and technical personnel.


Grasp the mechanics, engineering drawing, mechanics, mechanical design, mechanical engineering, basic theory, basic knowledge and basic skills; basic technology and basic principle, processing equipment and high polymer material molding master polymer processing process; knowledge of basic principle, method of mold design, plastic mold design and manufacture of die materials.

Proficiency in the use of electronic computer, development of forming technology and die design and related products; a preliminary ability of technical economic analysis and management of polymer material molding process, the mold design.


In the training program, in addition to let students master the professional content design, mold material forming the outer, pay attention to the cultivation of the students basic knowledge, expand the knowledge; pay attention to the cultivation of students' English ability, strengthen the English four, six level of learning; pay attention to cultivate the students ability of computer, including mold design software, three other development and application of. Pay attention to cultivate the practice ability of the students, in the process of teaching arrangement hours more internship practice, course design and production. To train a group of high-quality talents to adapt to the social and economic development of china.


Polymer chemistry and physics, theoretical mechanics, mechanics of materials, engineering drawing, mechanical principles, mechanical design, electrical technology, electronics technology, computer three-dimensional modeling, control engineering foundation, molding technology of polymer materials, polymer materials, polymer material molding machine mold design.

The practice teaching

Metalworking practice, electronic practice, production practice, graduation practice, mechanical design, mold design, polymer materials, polymer molding machinery course design, graduation design (paper).


(2)Professional dynamic

Material is one of the three major industrial pillar of world economy development. With the development of social economy and technology, from the part of the metal, plastic instead of wood, glass and leather and other materials, become the important materials and steel, wood, cement three traditional material racing together bridle to bridle in the national economy. In recent years, the plastic industry is very fast, has spread to all fields of the national economy, become instruments, transportation, telecommunication equipment as well as the indispensable commodity production of new materials. Especially the wide application of plastic in the building industry, "plastic wood, plastic metal" make human wood and precious metal material substitution tends to dry up or have a price in seeking, opened up a new way.

Plastics processing industry plays an important role in the plastics industry, is a connecting link between the material and products. Processing method for plastic products are injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, calendering and so on. The extrusion molding has the advantages of high efficiency, less investment, easy manufacture, the advantages of continuous production, small occupation area and a clean environment, and it is one of the main machining method for plastic products, its production accounts for more than 40% of the total output of the world plastic products. Almost all the extrusion die can be molded thermoplastic plastics and some thermosetting plastics, can produce pipes, plates, sheets, rods, plastic material, plastic coated layer of industrial products (such as wire, cable and so on), and various other cross section and length of continuous plastic profile. Especially, vigorously promote the use of plastic building materials, has great economic benefit and social benefit.

Extrusion molding process reasonable, extrusion equipment advanced, efficient extrusion die and mold are three important factors of modern plastics extrusion molding. In addition to the process factors, die plays a decisive role on the quality of the products. All have very important influence mold runner and cavity shape, size and surface roughness on the product size precision and shape precision and physical properties, mechanical properties, electrical properties, stress distribution and appearance quality. Die design theory and manufacturing process with the extrusion theory of continuous improvement and the continuous improvement of the extrusion product quality requirements, promote each other and complement each other.

Domestic extrusion die industry closely tracking import advanced extrusion die extrusion die, some manufacturers of hardware equipment has been leapfrog, die structure and design thoughts are always follow in footsteps, but not out of Surveying and mapping, imitation of the box, using only the tips and tricks to improve the view to import extrusion die technology. At present there is rarely seen in experimental research, study and explore the mechanism is less, and even cause the mold production practice and some related theories of extrusion disarticulated phenomenon.

Extrusion die is very practical, so far, the extrusion die design has not formed a strict theoretical system and fixed mode, and explains the importance of mould theoretical and experimental studies of extrusion.


(3)Professional planning

The Teachers

The existing professional teacher 6 people, 2 professors, 1 associate professors, 3 lecturers, among them 2 people of doctoral, PhD 1, 2 master's degree, postgraduate degree or above with 50 years old of the following teachers.

In 3 years time, the introduction of 1-2 material processing engineering professor, or a PhD, associate professor of senior personnel, the introduction of 3-5 has a PhD young talents to enrich the professional teachers.

Each year, according to the needs, arrange in-service teachers the professional to study abroad, to offer the professional colleges and universities engaged in the field of product development, production enterprises to research, learning and training.

And strive to maximize the sound of teachers, improve the teachers' comprehensive qualities.


Has established a die CAD/CAM laboratory and mold machining center, which can meet the students "design CAD", die CAD/CAM, course design and graduation design needs. However, the existing conditions can not meet the needs of scientific research and teaching experiment, to strengthen the laboratory construction, build a modern laboratory.

Gradually improve and opened the following aspects in the construction period of the experiment:

(a) polymer physical properties of materials (Experiments 5 aspects including the mechanical and physical properties, material properties, etc.);

(b) the molding technology of polymer materials (including 6 aspects blending, extrusion molding, injection molding, blow molding, molding, forming process of MoldFlow simulation);

(c) plastic mold design, processing, manufacturing and testing (including 5 aspects of three coordinates measuring, mold design and processing, assembly and testing, treatment of die material and three-dimensional modeling).

Training mode reform

Actively explore and promote new training mode, to extend their knowledge, broaden their horizons, develop students awareness of innovation, encourage students to actively participate in the activities of science and technology, active academic atmosphere.

personnel and courses

Serial number the course name course for other teachers

ATolerance                                            Li Xiaoyan & Hua Tongshu

B3D modeling                                       Miao Naiming & Su Shaohang

CControl engineering foundation             Huashu & Miao Naiming

DManufacturing technology based           Qi Hongzhi & Hua Tongshu

EPolymer material mechanical                       Li Xiaoyan & Miao Naiming

FPolymer technology                             Miao Naiming & Li Xiaoyan

GPolymer mold design                           Su Shaohang & Qi Hongzhi

HProfessional English                            Su Shaohang & Li Xiaoyan

IStamping mold design                           Qi Hongzhi & Su Shaohang

The experiment and related equipment

AExtrusion experiment                                       Huang Yuxin & Miao Naiming

BInjection molding experiments                          Huang Yuxin & Miao Naiming

CTechnology Demonstration Experiment                     Huang Yuxin & Su Shaohang

DInjection mould assembly and disassembly          Huang Yuxin & Su Shaohang

EExtruder performance experiment                      Huang Yuxin & Li Xiaoyan

FInjection machine performance testing                 Huang Yuxin & Li Xiaoyan


Ordinal name editor or deputy editor and compiling textbooks

APlastic molding machinery            Qin Zonghui, Xie Linsheng, Qi Hongzhi, Su Shaohang

BMachinery manufacturing base (Second Edition)                Qi Hongzhi

CDie manufacturing process                                                Qi Hongzhi

DMechanical Drawing                                                       Qi Hongzhi

EMeasurement in mechanical engineering               Zheng Shufang, Wu Xiaolin, Hua Tongshu

FModern engineering control theory (planning college textbook)         Lu Yixin Hua Tongshu

(5)the teaching research and achievements

Won the Jiangsu Province excellent undergraduate graduation design award 3.

Won the three prize of teaching achievement of school of mechanical and energy engineering, Changzhou University.