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Electric Engineering and Automation

  Electric engineering and automation

(1)        profession introduction

Electrical engineering and automation is the foundation subject of national economic development, which is one of the most active subjects that reflect the progress of social scientific and economic. It concludes the industrial electrical automation, power system and its automation, electrical appliances and its control, electrical technology, high voltage and insulation technology and so on, whose characteristics consist of the strong and weak electricity combination, components and system, wide coverage and general-purpose. Our programs emphasize electrician technology, electronic technology, control theory, power-supply technology, motor drive technology, motion control technology, power system, relay and a broad professional knowledge and engineering technology. Graduates are high-level application-oriented talents who are able to undertake electric power industry, motor and motor control, power-supply and other areas.

According to the development trend of the domestic current electrical engineering, it combines with the actual situation of our school and make full use of the teacher’s professional expertise, the profession sets up two professional directions: power system and electric control. The main features of the profession is the combination of strong and weak electricity, the combination of electrotechnical and electronics technology, the combination of software and hardware and the combination of components and systems.

(2)        profession dynamics

In order to do a good job in electrical engineering and automation, the school organized new profession teachers to go to Southeast University, Hohai University, Jiangsu University and other electrical engineering and automation institutions for researching and visiting in 2006. It draws the working train of specialty construction and professional experience of the curriculum of other universities. It also understand the situation of laboratory construction, including laboratory equipment, apparatus and instrument configuration. At the same time, school combines with our actual situation to formulate the development of electrical engineering and automation professional training plan with the reference to colleges and universities of same level. From 2008, this major began to recruit students, which is to take the initiative to adapt social and economic development and industrial upgrading in Yangtze river delta. This major also constantly improve the profession development and training plan, and to strengthen the construction of staff. Every year, it would transportation 60-70 qualified graduates for the society.

The major aims to train the electrical automation engineering applied talents. Students are required to have a solid foundation, strong ability of engineering application, who main in the enterprises and institutions engaged in electrical technology after graduation.

(3)        profession planning

1、The school would build a reasonable structure, vigorous and a high level faculty. By 2015, full-time teachers would reach more than 25 persons and higher vocational professional staff more than 16 persons, among them 80% or more are doctorate staff and 100% staff have master’s degree under the age of 35. The structure would be reasonable, including title structure, academic and age structure. It would form a good talent team that is given priority to professor, associate professor, doctor and master.

2、To strengthen laboratory construction, and strive for the state, province and school construction fund. According to proper proportion respectively, school would increase input in experiment instruments and equipments, including the course experiment, practice and graduation design. Since the electrical engineering and automation major recruits, school has input funds more than 1.2 million in all. Electric power system integrated automation experiment laboratory, motor and motion control laboratory, the EDA technology laboratory, PLC laboratory, the single chip microcomputer lab, the control principle of the laboratory, DCS laboratory and testing instrument and control device lab had been set up successively. Every year, equipments of electrical engineering curriculum demand would be increased from the laboratory construction fund.

3、To strengthen course and teaching material construction, adapt to the trend of subject development, establish and improve the curriculum system, adjust the course structure. At the moment, there is a school level key course in construction, and to strive for 1-2 school level key courses by 2015. School encourages teacher to edit teaching material or participate in edition. 

4、For strengthening scientific research, school encourages young teachers to apply for national and provincial subject, carry out scientific research. School strives for the national natural science fund item 2 above, per capita scientific research funds of 5000 yuan, and publishing core journal three papers above per teacher on the average by 2015.

5、In order to stabilize enrolment for each year, the school recruits students who major in electrical keep in more than 60 people.

6、School improves comprehensive quality education, and encourages and guides students to take part in all kinds of competition and practice activities, which are in training and improving students’ professional quality at the same time. In order to improve the competitive ability of the students in the job market, school pay attention to students’ moral quality, psychological quality, foster and cultural quality.