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Job Opportunities

 Recruitment Notice from School of Mechanical Engineering

 and School of Urban Rail Transit of

Changzhou University

1. Professional or academic direction that candidates should major in

Ø       Chemical Process Machinery;

Ø       Fluid Machinery;

Ø       Manufacturing and Automation;

Ø       Mechanical and Electrical Engineering;

Ø       Mechanical Design and Theory;

Ø       Material Forming and Control Engineering;

Ø       Dynamics (including Nanomechanics and Biomechanics);

Ø       Vehicle Engineering(for rail transit)

Ø       Electric Engineering and Automation;

Ø       Rail Transit Signal and Control.

2. Requirement

(1)     Have a physical and mental health;

(2)     Have a doctorate or orthometric title;

(3)     Have a full-time undergraduate degree and graduated from the universities with prominent advantages and featured disciplines, for the purposes of the requirement of the first degree in principle; especially graduated from the "211" or "985" will be preferred.

3. Treatment

(1) Discipline leading talents (mainly for the overseas) and the high-end talents of academic leaders, can enjoy the following relevant treatment after employed according to specific situation:

① Directly employed as professors and managed according to the contract After join the school;

② A annual salary of RMB 200-600 thousand YUAN;

③ A housing subsidy of RMB 400-600 thousand YUAN for those who can work for a long period in the university;

④ A fully furnished flat of 100 m2 for transition free of charge;

Necessary experimental equipment, start-up funds for research work  and office, etc. , depending the requirement for their work in the university;

⑤ Help to establish research institutions and formate a work team if needed;

⑥ For the overseas, responsibility will be shouldered to handle the residence procedures and the relevant social insurance while they are working in the university;

⑦ Team Leaders who bring the team to the university will be treated favorably;

⑧ Actively supported to the application for the national " Thousands of people plan ", " Changjiang Scholar ", "The National Science Foundation for Outstanding Youth " and others.

    (2) Professors ( home and abroad ) can have the settling-in allowance and housing allowance of RMB200-500 thousand yuan, and other benefits can be negotiable. Besides, the local subsidies of RMB 1,000 yuan/month can be applied from the local government.

    (3) Associate Professors ( with a doctorate ) and doctor ( home and abroad ) can have a settling-in allowance of RMB50-200 thousand yuan; also supplied with a research start-up funds of RMB 30,000 yuan and the local subsidies of 1000 yuan/month can be applied for too.


4 How to applicate?

Candidates should fill out "Registration Form of Changzhou University for Candidates" which can be downloaded from the university’s website: / and send to the following contact mailbox with personal resume, award certificates and other materials enclosed. The subject format of the e-mail should be as follows:

Name + Professional + Academic degree or Title .

5 Contact ways

    Contact person: Mr. Wu

    Tel: 00 86 (0)519 83290265

    Post code: 213016

Address: School of Mechanical Engineering and School of Urban Rail Transit of Changzhou University, Xingyuan Road, Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, P R China