Major Introduction

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    Major Process equipment and control engineering of Changzhou University is a characteristic major of the national and Five-Year Plan of Jiangsu province, which stems from the key subject Chemical Process Machinery of China Petrochemical Corporation and Jiangsu province. It’s upper first-level subject Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics is the key disciplines of Five-Year Plan of Jiangsu province. The department contains province-level basic experiment and demonstration center, province-level engineering research center, province-level comprehensive training center, city-level key laboratory and pressure vessel design institute (III-class vessel design qualification). It also contains Master of Engineering degree awarding qualification of Chemical Process Machinery, Professional Master of Power Engineering and Master of Projecting of Power Engineering Fields. Currently, there are 19 teachers including 1 doctoral supervisor, 7 professors and 5 associate professor, and 67% of the full-time teachers belong to senior professional post, 85% are PhD, which illustrates the major is substantial in faculty.

Aiming at compound engineering and technique talents with great engineering innovation ability, the professional training project covers the basic theory and practicing of mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, control engineering and management engineering. With the practice and theory teaching equally promoted, the practice base in Yangzi Petrochemical, Jinling Petrochemical and Nanhua Corporation are developed. Excellent students may be awarded national scholarship, inspirational scholarship, grants scholarship, Sinopec scholarship, Yangzi Basifu, Tangjingchuan scholarship, University scholarship, and etc.

The social employments and demand for the major are sizable, while the graduates are popular with the relevant industries and the employment rate can reach 100%. The employment covers the domains of petroleum, petrochemical, chemical engineering, light industry, material, power source, energy conservation and environment protection, pharmacy, food and labor safety in large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises, sole or joint proprietorship or private enterprises, state organs and scientific research institutes, where the graduates may be engaged in technical development, engineering design, monitoring control, technical management, scientific research and quality supervision and inspection, and etc. Upon the corporation with several foreign prestigious universities, the internationalization for talents cultivation is taken emphasized in the major. Students may apply for the corresponding learning communication during the university career.


1. Part of photos of professional teachers and honorary certificate

Photo of chief major courses’ teachers

Major publishing textbooks of “Process equipment and control engineering”

Scientific research honorary certificate

2. Photos of major students in practicing enterprises


Practicing students in aromatic hydrocarbon plant of Yangzi Petrochemical Company

Practicing students in refinery plant of Yangzi Petrochemical Company

Practicing courses in synthesis ammonia plant of SouthChemical Corporation

Practicing courses in Jinling Petrochemical Company

Practicing students in pressure vessel manufacturer


Practicing courses by enterprise mentors in Canuo Energy Equipment Co., Ltd

3. Laboratory photos

Process controlling laboratory

Material synthetical property testing laboratory

Heat exchanging structure and property laboratory

Laser Doppler Flow measurement laboratory

Province-level oil and gas wellhead equipment and engineering technology research center

Reaction kettle stirring laboratory

4. Chief leaders inspection on laboratory courses

Leaders visiting the process controlling laboratory (1)

Leaders visiting the process controlling laboratory(2)


Students in extracurricular experiments in process controlling laboratory (1)

Students in extracurricular experiments in process controlling laboratory (2)


5. Scientific and technological activities of major students

Students in national-level scientific and technical competition

Students in extracurricular innovation activities

Awarding competition cups by major students

Awarding competition certificates by major students

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