Changzhou University training program of major Process Equipment and Control Engineering

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One. Guiding ideology

Regarding Deng Xiaoping Theory and Three Representative Important Thoughts as the instruction, facing the total national economic demand for talents cultivation of thick foundation, wide and cross professional, the major may serve for petrochemical industry and local economical development in Jiangsu province while even for nationwide. The mechanical engineering subjects are set as the core, in which Chemical Engineering and Control Engineering are the wings, supplement with Material subject. The total cultivation target is senior applied technological engineering talents with solid base, wide knowledgeable, strong ability and high quality for adapting to market demand.



Two. Major Cultivation Target

The main target in the 21st century is set as cultivating Socialist construction talents who must develop in an all-round way of moral intellectual and physical, open-mind, solid foundation, strong adapting ability with innovative spirit on base of the theory of mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, control engineering. The talents can be engaged in research on the design of process equipment, control operation technology development and management of senior specialized professions.



Three. Basic Requirement for Graduates

1 Ideology and Morality

Love the motherland, support the leadership of the Communist Party of China, possess the honor of dedication and struggle for the national revitalization, sense of dedication and high social responsibility.

Grasp the basic principle of Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong thought and Deng Xiaoping theory, know the basic national conditions, can integrate theory with practice, set up the correct world outlook and life outlook.

Possess the spirit of hard working and strive for realism the innovation, possess the outstanding character of love of labor, hard work and plain living, observe law and discipline, solidarity of work, excellent professional ethics and behavior.

Cultivate the habit of exercise science for physical and mental health.

Well known of national defense and possess the awareness of national defense.


2 Knowledge Construction

Basic theory and knowledge includes advanced mathematics, university English, university physics, mechanical drawing and computer fundamental. Professional theory and knowledge includes mechanical principle, mechanical design, theoretical mechanics, material mechanics, fluid mechanics, engineering materials, process equipment design, process fluid mechanical, control engineering basis and control system design. The basic and professional courses support the thick and wide knowledge fields.

1) Basic theory and knowledge

Master the basic theory of advanced mathematics and the corresponding analysis method in the major professional study and research.

Master a foreign language.

Master the computer operation principle and program design principle.

2) Major basic knowledge

Major basic knowledge includes studying chemical engineering principle, fluid mechanics, engineering mechanics, heat conduction, engineering thermodynamics, machinery principle, machinery design and signal testing and processing, accepting basic training of engineering design, measurement and control ability, engineering science research, grasping the basic ability of optimization for chemical unit and system and innovation research design for novel chemical equipment and technology.

3) Major knowledge

Grasp basic theory and knowledge of chemical engineering, power engineering and engineering thermalphysics, mechanical engineering, control Engineering.

Grasp the design method and control technique of chemical unit and system equipment.

Grasp the preliminary ability of cost evaluation and investment determination for new equipment and technique in research and innovation design of chemical project.

Be familiar with the national policy, laws and regulations on the design, development, research, environment protection and security and anti-disasters of chemical equipment.

Understand the theory front of chemical equipment and control engineering, understand the research trend of new equipment, new technique and new technology.

Grasp the basic ability of reference indexing and querying, possess certain ability of science research and practical work.

Grasp innovation awareness and the independent ability of gaining new knowledge.


3 Ability cultivation

Includes preferable ability of self-study and reference consulting, preferable ability of language and literal expression, certain ability of innovation thinking and technique research, preferable practical ability and certain scientific experimental ability, preferable CAD ability in mechanical drawing, preferable ability in design chemical unit and system equipment, basic ability in remoulding and research on new-type chemical equipment.

4 Psychological Traits

Preferable abstraction, summarization, judgement and inferential ability;

Concern the society and partners; preferable ability of overcoming difficulties;

Preferable innovation awareness.

5 Physical Quality

Master 2 or more physical exercising method, be healthy and full of energy for any professional job.



Four. Main Courses

Advanced mathematics, university physics, computer fundamentals and VB program design, college English, mechanical drawing, mechanical design principle, chemical engineering, engineering thermodynamics, mechanics of materials, process equipment design, process fluid machinery and process equipment control technology, etc



Five、Characteristic Course

Process equipment design.



Six. Main Practical Training

This link includes metalworking practice, production practice, mechanical design exercising course, chemical principle exercising course, innovation and social practice and graduating practice (dissertation), etc.



Seven、Employment of graduates

1. Design effort in process equipment and control system

2.Design effort in process equipment manufacture technology

3.Test and detection effort for process equipment

4. Technical management in fields of process equipment and control system

5.Scientific and technical research effort for chemical machinery



Eight、Awarding Degree

Bachelor of Engineering


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